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Love Yourself and Know Your Worth

What do you think is more important to you – pleasing those around you or doing what’s best for you? No one else is going to have your best interests at heart so you have to act in a way that serves you.

If people are draining you of energy and you feel like you have to be around them just because they are “family” then they aren’t really family. Be around people who make you feel good and be around them because you want to be not because you feel like you have to be.

You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have people around you that serve, love and support you. Distance yourself from anything that makes you feel like less than what you are truly worth. 

We are infinite beings capable of creating the reality we choose to live in – this means that we can choose better for ourselves, it just depends what we focus on.


If we focus on negative people, places and things then our lives will be full of them – if we focus on things we love that serve us, we will be happy and fulfilled. 

Removing yourself from a negative environment can be difficult, but I’d encourage you to consider what’s more important: your happiness or keeping up appearances?

Prioritising your wellness above all else will result in positive relationships and interactions because you will be actively seeking the things that serve you instead of drain you.

Remember: Change your focus and you change your life.

Peace & positive vibes

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