Speak over yourself

There are those times when demons try your spirit. They are them lies you know are not true but creep up in the back of your skull when you don’t pay attention. You have to be active in speaking Truth into your subconscious. Speak goodness, beauty, love and peace to yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful over, and over and over until you taking selfies like “Beyoncé who?” (Why did my Computer just autocorrect Beyoncé’s name with the accent tho?)

I notice that the most successful people in my life are very enthusiastic about everything they do. They don’t acknowledge the lies that they hear from others or themselves saying they aren’t worthy. Not saying they don’t have moments they are down but when in public, they are positive, enthusiastic and thus attract positivity and enthusiasm.

Where to start? Here are 100 positive affirmations you can choose from. Choose one. Believe in the POWER of your WORD. The voice makes sound. Sound moves air molecules in you and around you. That vibration changes how the atoms in body and the subatomic particles in your soul move. This will change your universe.

Speak peace. Speak love. Speak truth. Speak up.

Author: freenoreb

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