Self Affirmation and Positive Thoughts for the New Years

Saying phrases out loud is a powerful thing. We all know how damaging our negative thoughts are. People who struggle with mental illness and/or physical disabilities are particularly familiar with this. If negative thoughts can send people into a bad place, then positive thoughts can do the exact opposite.

The only thing is keeping it up. Find a phrase that you personally are rejecting. Question yourself. Why is this phrase so hard to see/read/say out loud? Then challenge yourself. For the whole month of January (whatever month you see this), say the phrase(s) that you struggle with the most. If you can, write little notes about how you feel along the way. If you want to share your journey, tag me or use the hashtag #bonbonpalacepositivity. I will feature it on my blog!


I am capable.

I am deserving.

I am strong.

I am okay.

I am in charge of now.


Today is a god day.

Things will get better.

This too shall pass.


Food is good.

Food is nourishment.

My body is beautiful, whole, and mine.

I am at peace with my body.


I am not my parents.

I let go of my anger.

I forgive myself.

It was not my fault.

I did my best.

I am a good boy/girl/etc.

I love me.

I have flaws and that is okay.


Sometimes I make mistakes and that is okay.

Sometimes I have bad days and that is okay.

I am not okay and that is okay.


I am allowed to cry.

I am allowed to be angry.

I am allowed to hurt.

I am allowed to be wrong.

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