Positive Affirmations Journal – Day 1


Positive thoughts – self induced or not – is something I’ve always struggled with, but is crucial for those who are recovering from a trauma or a mental illness. In order to maintain a healthy mental status, thinking positively stimulates the brain, reduces anxiety, and promotes confidence, which I have always lacked.

This is my attempt to take back which I have lost. As part of my recovery, I was tasked with the challenge to keep a “Positive Journal” of the things I achieved throughout the day to which I can say I’m proud of, things that affect me and me alone. Part of this challenge requires me to keep this journal daily and to write down three things.

I endeavor to achieve this and hope that it will not only lead me on the right path to my goal, but hopefully it can help others.

Eliza, what did you do today?!

Thank you for asking :D

I found myself distracted today. Work was slow moving, the week had been long and exhausting, and my focus was drifting. Because of this, I could feel the familiar bubbling of anxiety working it’s way up from the bowels of my stomach to the core of my chest before seeding itself in my brain. 

If I wanted to achieve meeting my deadline for my client, I knew I had to get in front of this. 

So, I opened my phone, turned my TV off, cracked several windows (because it was 60 degrees today FINALLY) and sought out the app CALM. From there, I searched for a session of meditation that would help to center my focus and bring me back on the right path. I did this for 12 minutes and it worked!

Because I was able to win back my focus, I finished my work on time and met my deadline for the week despite experiencing two computer crashes and being forced to recover lost work! The weight lifted off my chest and now I can look forward to my night ahead!

Finally, I went to Therapy today, which went very well! As I was leaving, I realized I had errands to run. Typically, I avoid errands (or adulting as I like to call it) and instead leave those up to my fiance because its simpler having him do it on his way home from work than me leave the comforts of my house (and also I’m incredibly anxious to go anywhere alone). Today, I took it upon myself to do the shopping and pick up the things I needed on my way home WITHOUT bothering my sweetheart <3

I know, that last one is silly, but I’m pretty damn proud of it!

So, let’s review…

  1. I meditated in an attempt to reclaim my focus. A successful feat! Pat on the back for that! 
  2. I finished my work for my clients, meeting my weekly deadline even after nearly losing all my work after TWO computer crashes! Go me!

  3. I ran errands BY MYSELF without bothering anyone! Yay, adulting!

What did you do today that you’re proud of?


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