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101 List Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a simple yet powerful way to reprogram your mind. Repetition is a prerequisite to have your affirmations work. As a child you were conditioned to think and act a certain way. This conditioning was based on messages that you received over and over again. Eventually they became natural for you and became a habit.

Obviously not every message that we received as a child was actually beneficial. Our parents were doing the best they could. But this does not mean that they knew what they were doing.

Lousy negative traits like complaining, whining or playing the victim role are so easy to fall into. We try to resist but it’s easier to fall back to those habits if something doesn’t go our way.

For this reason we must take charge of our own conditioning. The affirmations that we say to ourselves over and over again are powerful at shaping a new way to think and act.

Below I have created for you a 101 list positive affirmations. Before I show you these positive affirmations please be aware that for affirmations to be effective they must be written in a specific format.

There are 3 guidelines that must be followed when creating your affirmations:

  • They must be specific. Don’t say I want to be rich. Be more specific and always answer how much and by when. Eg: I have $200,000 in my bank account by 31st May, 20xx
  • They must be written in the present tense. Write it as if what you aim for has already been achieved
  • Stated in the positive. Always write about something that you want. Be proactive and state what your goal is. So for instance don’t write: I don’t want to skip gym classes. Instead say: I attend 3 gym classes each week.

The power of affirmations is an under-utilized technique. They do work and they have worked wonders for many people. BUT… repetition is the key, you need to set your affirmations and then drill them into your mind. I have said in previous posts to repeat positive messages 50 times to yourself at one go.

Even when you don’t feel like it, even when you are feeling down… just do it!

Once you believe that what you say is possible, that’s when you will see the results.

I have prepared for you a FREE pdf with 101 List Positive Affirmations. Just pick 3-5 affirmations each week and then play the repetition game. Repeat the affirmations at least in the morning and in the evening.

Especially when times are tough, that’s when you should repeat the affirmations. Everyone falls down due to setbacks and challenges in their life. It’s how quickly you get back up to your feet and head on to succeed that counts. That’s where positive affirmations apply. They help to get you back on track on your own personal road to success. Enjoy these 101 list positive affirmations: Download Your FREE Guide By Clicking Here

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