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Hello there! It is I, Tray, your beloved host in the world of Affirmations. Affirmations are short positive mantras that you can say to yourself over and over to balance you out. Still following me? Okay, sooo let’s say on the show Being Mary Jane (if you don’t know Being Mary Jane, take a quick google search) anyway, she writes short things to say to herself in the morning, or just when she needs to take a moment, on post-it notes and puts them on her mirror. That way she can see these positive things everyday, and even if she doesn’t read them aloud to herself, they will have an effect subconsciously. She will unconsciously read them, and know that these are truthful honest things she wishes for herself.

SO!! What does this mean? Well, you know on those days you’re not 100%, maybe not even 20%, affirmations can help to bring you more into yourself to heal and gain some balance. Instead of talking more, I’ll show you.

We have seven chakras, to begin with.


Basically, they all provide us with balance in our lives from different emotive perspectives and energy points. From Root to Crown, we are truly aligned beings, but during day to day life in this world sometimes things go out of wack, the chart above can help to balance you out. For each chakra there is a meditation:

root: “I am at home in my life, body, and within the Universe.”-“I honor the ability of my body to heal and remain strong.”

sacral: “I feel passionate, inspired, and engaged with my life.”-“I allow myself the permission to be vulnerable and to deeply feel my emotions.”

solar: “In the eyes of the Universe, I am equal to royalty.”-“There is infinite strength and power within me.” 

heart: “I remember that all people want the same basic desires I have, and deeply empathize with this humanity.”-“I am worthy of love.”

throat: “I am expressive, bold, and creative.”-“I am able to communicate my needs in all situations today.”

third eye: “Insight into my own life, needs, and personal journey grow with every second of my life.”-“I am intuitive, aware, and wise.”-“I am able to discern the answers I need to at all times.”

crown: “I recognize the divinity in every person I interact with today.”-“I am a gift to this world, imbued with the intent of the Universe.”

And these are our affirmations for healing!! Last meet-up we went over these and it seemed to really bring the girls some positive energy <3 You can post them on your wall, on your mirror, or just write them in your journal!

Happy Balancing! <3

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